Magnetic Refrigerators
Magnetic Refrigerators
Oak Ridge National Laboratory and General Electric have teamed up to create a revolutionary new type of refrigerator that uses magnets to create cold, also known as the magnetocaloric effect (lowering or raising the temperature of the material by changing the magnetic field).
Ultra-Efficient Heat Pumps
Ultra-Efficient Heat Pumps
The Building Technologies Office is ushering in the next generation of heat pump systems, which warm and cool your home by moving heat from one space to another. A fuel-fired, multi-function residential heat pump that can reduce primary energy consumption by 30 percent.
Clothes Dryers
Clothes Dryers
The same concept behind heat pump technologies that keep your home comfortable can also be used for another important application: drying your clothes. Oak Ridge National Laboratory and General Electric are developing a new type of clothes dryer that uses a heat pump cycle to generate hot air needed for drying.
Smarter, More Connected Homes
Smarter, More Connected Homes
We live in an increasingly connected world -- the same is true for our homes. New electronic devices and appliances can now be linked to the Internet to provide real-time data that makes it easier to understand and lower energy use.
Next-Gen Insulation
Next-Gen Insulation
Insulation is one of the most important ways to reduce your home heating and cooling costs. The Industrial Science & Technology Network is developing new foam insulation made with environmentally friendly and advanced composite materials that ensure heat doesn’t escape from the attic, walls and other areas of the home during cold winter months.
Advanced Window Controls
Advanced Window Controls
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Pella Windows are working on new highly insulated windows that use sensors and microprocessors to automatically adjust shading based on the amount of available sunlight and the time of day to ensure proper lighting and comfort, saving consumers energy and money.
Reflective Roofing Materials
Reflective Roofing Materials
Cool roofs coated with materials containing specialized pigments reflect sunlight and absorb less heat than standard roofs. Expect these types of roof systems to get even “cooler” due to new fluorescent pigments developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and PPG Industries that can reflect nearly four times the amount of sunlight of standard pigments.

Energy-Saving Solutions

From heating and cooling to electronics and appliances, it takes a lot of energy to power our daily lives. Our homes use 37 percent more energy today than they did in 1980. But without energy efficiency -- through technology innovation and federal energy conservation standards -- this number would be a lot higher. In fact, even though our total energy use has grown, our energy use per household is down about 10 percent, despite that our homes are larger and contain more devices.

Save Energy Systems

22 April 2019

Vendor: Reduction Revolution
Type: Appliances
Price: 27.50

This is a 10 Pack of surface mount power sockets, with an effective unit price of $2.75 inc GST each.

Each 3 pin mains power socket is rated for 240V AC and 10 Amps. Single electrical socket with loop.

They are perfect for use with 90mm LED downlight fittings, LED ceiling panels, LED high bays or any other light with a 2 or 3 pin power plug. 

Specifications - 10 Pack of Surface Mount Sockets 240V 10A

Voltage 220 - 240V AC
Max Current 10 Amps
Max Power 2,400 Watts
Case Material Plastic
Installation Installation by an electrician
Product Identifiers
DXPB1, 9352553000688 (10 pack barcode)

Vendor: Reduction Revolution
Type: Monitoring
Price: 24.95

Uncover how much your appliances really cost to run

Our Power Meter measures the energy consumption and running cost of any standard plug-in appliance. It measures:

  • Watts - Instantaneous power usage.
  • kWh - Total power usage over time (what you are billed for).
  • Cost - Based on your electricity tariff(s).
  • & More - Volts, Amps, Frequency, Power Factor, & KgCO2.

The Power Meter will help you uncover your energy hungry appliances. Then you can get started on reducing your power bills!

You could save $100's by using this Power Meter

Here are some energy guzzlers we identified with this power consumption meter:

  • A desktop computer was found to use 22 watts in standby (costing $50 per year, when it was not even being used).
  • Reducing a pool pump's run-time by just two hours per day saved $250 per year.
  • A sound system was using 10 watts in standby (wasting $20 per year).
  • A dishwasher's lower temperature setting used 0.4 kWh less per load saving the household $40 per year.

How to use the Power Usage Meter

This power meter measures the power consumption of any device plugged into a...

Vendor: Reduction Revolution
Type: Training
Price: 24.95

The average Australian household spends over $2,000 a year on gas and electricity bills. The Energy-Freedom Home book shows you how to wipe out these bills, while making your home more comfortable.

The book focuses on eight steps to use energy more efficiently, and more effectively. The ninth step is to offset your remaining energy usage with solar power.

The book does approach this task from the perspective of an 'owner occupier' of a free standing house. However, even if you rent, or live in a unit, this book is still of great assistance. This is because the vast majority of principles and actions discussed apply to all homes, regardless of their make-up.

  Energy Freedom Home Sample

The Energy-Freedom Home is detailed enough for you to take informed action, without getting bogged down in too much technical detail.

Don't just read the book - take action!

The authors of this book have the same goal as Reduction Revolution - to help anyone live more efficiently and sustainably.

Many of the concepts outlined in The Energy Freedom Home can be put into practice with the products we stock. So why not make...

Vendor: Aircon Off
Type: Appliances
Price: 59.95 - 69.95 (2 variants)

Control your AC with a smarter remote

Aircon Off lets you take control of AC by limiting the operating temperatures that users can select.

  • Prevent over-cooling or over-heating.
  • Compatible with any split AC unit with simple setup.
  • Backlit display & all standard AC remote functions still available.
  • Tamperproof programming and battery cover.

 Additionally the Pro model features:

  • Placebo Effect - Gives users impression that temperature range is not restricted.
  • Daily Off Timer - Switches AC off after a chosen number of hours.

Why optimise AC set-point temperatures?

Air conditioning can be an efficient way to cool or heat, but only if carefully managed. This means setting realistic temperatures and sticking to them.

As a rule of thumb, air conditioning energy usage varies by 5 to 10% for every 1 ̊C adjustment in set-point temperature.

To reduce energy usage, a higher set-point is warranted in summer and a lower one in winter.

Do you know someone who likes to switch the AC to 16°C on a hot day? Or aims straight for 30°C when it starts to get a bit cold? Or...

Vendor: Vornado
Type: Appliances
Price: 279.95

STOCK ALERT! Item is now sold out for this season. Please see our other Vornado Energy Smart Fan for current stock.

Keep Cool With Less Energy

The Vornado Energy Smart 683DC pedestal fan is an energy saving floor-standing fan.

  • Uses up to 80% less energy than other pedestal fans.
  • Whole room air circulation.
  • Adjustable height from 80 - 96 cm on a stable pedestal base.
  • Adjustable dial to control airflow, noise & power usage.

Looking for a smaller fan? See the Vornado 533DC Compact DC Fan.

Not All Pedestal Fans Are Created Equal

Fans are an ideal way to increase thermal comfort. They create a breeze which cools occupants through the wind chill effect. Paired with air conditioning, fans allow you to increase the set point on hot days. Or switch the air con off all together in mild weather.

While pedestal fans are generally quite useful, most are poorly made. They use inexpensive, noisy, and inefficient AC motors. It's not hard to see why broken fans often pile up at curbside hard rubbish collections. 

Better Quality With Vornado DC Fans

Vornado Energy Smart Series fans use efficient DC...

Vendor: Vornado
Type: Appliances
Price: 179.95

STOCK ALERT! Item sold out due to popular demand. Pre-order now from our next shipment arriving 11th January.

Compact, Energy Efficient, & Quiet

The Vornado Energy Smart 533DC air circulator is the perfect fan for most rooms. Place it on the floor, bedside table, or work desk.

  • Uses up to 80% less energy than regular AC fans.
  • Moves air up to 22 metres.
  • Variable speed dial for full control of airflow, noise, and power consumption.
  • Whisper quiet cooling - ideal for night-time usage.

Looking for a larger floor fan? See the Vornado 683DC Pedestal Fan.

Fans Are Great... But Often Low Quality

Fans are an ideal way to improve thermal comfort. When the weather is hot, a good fan can circulate air throughout the room and keep it moving. This creates a draft which cools occupants via the wind chill effect.

Even paired with air conditioning, fans will help you save energy. They allow you to either increase the set point, or switch the air con off altogether.

Unfortunately, most fans are poorly made and have cheap, noisy, and inefficient AC motors. Broken fans often feature on curbside hard...

Vendor: LotusGrill
Type: Appliances
Price: 24.95 - 39.95 (3 variants)

STOCK ALERT! Pre-order now for dispatch around 21st December.

This listing is for LotusGrill spare parts. Pick the part that you require from the drop-down menu above.

Our current spare part stock includes:

  • LotusGrill Charcoal Container Stainless Steel (G-HB3-D115, barcode: 4260023017263).
  • LotusGrill Inner Bowl Stainless Steel (G-EI-34, barcode: 4260023011988)
  • LotusGrill Grill Grid Stainless Steel (G-ER-34, barcode: 4260023011971)

See also: LotusGrill Charcoal BBQ, Premium Lump Charcoal, Ethanol Lighter Gel, LotusGrill Pizza Stone Set, LotusGrill Hood, LotusGrill Glass Lid.

Vendor: LotusGrill
Type: Appliances
Price: 79.95

Thought a portable pizza oven was impossible? Well think again!

When you combine the LotusGrill BBQ, Hood, and this Pizza Stone you'll have just that.

The LotusGrill Pizza / Grill Stone adds extra versatility to your LotusGrill BBQ. Impress your family and friends by producing delicious pizzas in minutes.

Through the glass top of the LotusGrill Hood, you can see when the pizza is ready. If you want to bake your own pizza in the garden, on the beach, or when camping, this pizza stone accessory is for you.

Note: Don't limit yourself to only making pizzas with the Grill Stone. You can also use it to fry eggs or cook any other items that are not well suited to the regular stainless steel grill.

Vendor: Digitech
Type: Lighting
Price: 49.95 - 99.95 (2 variants)

Portable LED Floodlight with Lithium Battery

The TechLight Rechargeable LED Work Light is a tough and portable floodlight. Features include:

  • Two models: 10W or 20W (see drop-down menu above).
  • Four modes: high (3 hours runtime), medium, low (9 hours) & flashing.
  • Battery level indicator plus charge & discharge protection built-in.
  • USB charging port - 5V 1A output to charge mobile phones & other devices.

This powerful LED light will allow you to keep working at night or illuminate dark areas. The built-in battery makes it easy to use in remote locations, or where there's no access to power. It can be used indoors (eg. in a workshop) or outdoors (eg. when camping or caravanning). 

Efficient LED and lithium-Ion battery technology provide high brightness with long run times. Available in 10 watt or 20 watt options, both offering 3 hours of light at full brightness. At the lowest setting up to 9 hours of burn time is available for extended use without recharging.

Both models are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. The 20W model has a higher level of water...

Vendor: Verbatim
Type: Appliances
Price: 19.95

Recharge your USB devices from your car's cigarette lighter socket. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, thermal cameras, LED work lights, and much more.

  • 2.4A fast charge capability.
  • Built-in intelligent charge controller provides full-speed charging for all devices.
  • Includes over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection.
Input Standard cigarette lighter power socket: 12-24V DC
Output 1 x USB power outlet: 5V / 2.4A (max) DC
Dimensions 23 x 20 x 45mm
Weight 12 grams
Product Identifiers Model Number & Name: 64957 On-The-Go USB Car Charger. Barcode: 6943760249576

Vendor: Digitech
Type: Appliances
Price: 19.95

Control Appliance Power Use Automatically 

The Powertech Digital Mains Timer with LCD can be programmed for a full week of operation. It plugs into a standard 10A wall socket and has the following features:

  • Set time of day, and day of week on/off periods, down to 1 minute time increments.
  • Programmed, Countdown, Manual and Random modes.
  • Clear LCD screen.
  • Battery backup so you won't lose settings if you move it to a new wall socket, or if there is a blackout.

A More Advanced, Weekly Timer Switch

Basic timer switches are great when you want to automate appliance use over a 24 hour period only. But there are many situations where additional control is beneficial (over an entire week). Here are some examples:

  • Switch off printers and copiers overnight and on weekends.
  • Run water coolers or drinks fridges only during peak times.
  • Schedule bedside lamps to wake you up on weekday mornings.
  • Control lights and appliances for indoor automation, security, or energy saving.

Specifications - 7 Day Programmable Mains Timer Switch

Voltage 220-240V AC (50Hz)
Current 10A maximum
Power Rating 2400W maximum

Vendor: Digitech
Type: Appliances
Price: 39.95

Remote controlled power outlets allow you to wirelessly control your appliances from a convenient location.

  • Configurable - Switch individual appliances on or off, or switch a group together.
  • Wireless - Each remote can switch up to four power points (or groups) even in hard to reach locations.
  • Energy Saving - Easily switch any appliances off when not in use to reduce power consumption.
  • Scalable - Purchase multiple kits and link all sockets to one remote, or use multiple remotes.

How Remote Controlled Electrical Sockets Work

The kit comes with three remote controlled sockets and one remote. By allowing you to turn appliances off with the touch of a button, it helps you save electricity, time, and money.

Keep the remote control in a convenient place, or stick it to the wall next to a light switch. That way you'll remember to use it and maximise your energy savings.

Here are a few example applications:

  • Keep your TV and entertainment centre completely switched off when not in use.
  • Switch off your internet modem & WiFi router as you leave the house.
  • Turn off the office water cooler at night...

Vendor: Osram
Type: Lighting
Price: 7.95

Touch activated portable LED swivel light

The Osram DOT-it Linear Vario provides touch activated LED lighting to illuminate dark areas without complicated or permanent installation and has the following features:

  • Portable with easy installation
  • Three bright LEDs in a protected aluminium reflector housing
  • Touch activated - won't accidentally turn on, only your finger will switch it on/off
  • Swivel adjustment to position the light where needed most
  • Install in any orientation 
  • Battery operated (3 x AAA, included)

Stick anywhere with included adhesive and magnet

Mounting the light in a cupboard, wardrobe or cabinet is straight forward. No screws, nails or permanent fixtures required. The DOT-it comes with the following mounting parts:

  • Adhesive strips to mount to any smooth surface
  • Magnetic strip to mount to any steel surface

Once mounted, the light can still be separated from its backing plate to allow for quick replacement of batteries.


Touch the two metal points located between the right two LEDs. Your finger's touch will trigger the light to activate, tap again to switch off.

To adjust...

Vendor: Bosch
Type: Appliances
Price: 2799.00 - 2999.00 (2 variants)

A Smarter Way to Create & Store Hot Water

The Bosch Heat Pump provides a smarter and more energy efficient way to meet your hot water needs. Here's why we think it's the best value hot water tank on the market:

  • Replace existing gas, electric, or solar hot water for up to 65% energy savings.
  • Heat pump works in all climates Australia wide, from -7˚C to 40˚C.
  • With 270 litres of storage capacity, it's ideal for households with 1 to 4 people.
  • Smart control panel to adjust settings and minimise energy costs.
  • Eligible for government rebate worth up to $1,000.

How does the Bosch Heat Pump work?

How the Bosch Heat Pump Works

The Bosch Heat Pump works a bit like your refrigerator, but in reverse. The heat pump located at the top of the tank extracts heat from ambient air, and uses it to heat water.

On average, the Bosch Heat Pump consumes just 600 Watts of electricity to produce 1,000 to 2,000 Watts of heat.

The Bosch Heat Pump hot water tank is also equipped with a 1,650 Watt booster element. This is only called upon in the extreme cold (below 0˚C) and at times of very high hot water...

Vendor: Digitech
Type: Appliances
Price: 6.95

240V mains power plug with 3 pins on a 1.8m lead with 3-core cable to bare wires. 7.5A current rating. Used in applications such as wiring LED downlight transformers to connect to a standard power socket.

See Also: 3 Pin Power Plug Only.

3 Pin Mains Power Plug with 1.8m lead - Specifications

Voltage 220 - 240V AC
Max Current 7.5 Amps
Max Power 1,800 Watts
Connection 3 pin plug installed on one end, unterminated bare wires at opposite end
Installation Install by electrician
Product Identifiers PS4110 (part number), 9319236018293 (barcode)

Vendor: Digitech
Type: Appliances
Price: 3.95

240V Mains power plug with 3 pins and 10A current rating. Suitable for adding a plug to products which come pre-wired with a lead but no plug, such as our Philips LED floodlight, Philips LED high bay, and Philips LED Batten.

See Also: 3 Pin Plug and Lead.

3 Pin Mains Power Plug 240V 10A - Specifications

Voltage 220 - 240V AC
Max Current 10 Amps
Max Power 2,400 Watts
Case Material Plastic
Wiring Method Screw terminals
Installation Install by electrician
Product Identifiers PP4000 (part number), 9319236016114 (barcode)

Vendor: Verbatim
Type: Appliances
Price: 49.95

High Capacity Portable Power Bank

The Verbatim Battery Power Pack has a huge capacity to keep your USB devices charged and running all day. It's compact & durable, designed to be taken everywhere and can recharge from solar anywhere or plugged into the wall at the end of the day. It features:

  • 10,200 mAh storage capacity (10.2 amp-hour, 37 watt-hours).
  • Twin USB ports - charge two devices at once (2.1A + 1A output).
  • Fast recharge rate - up to 1.7A input.
  • Compact Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) type battery - only 19mm thick.
  • Rugged aluminium case for durability and protection.

The list of devices which can be powered by the Verbatim USB power bank is broad:

  • Smartphones (all types including iPhone),
  • Apple iPads & other tablets,
  • GPS navigation,
  • Action cameras, and much more.

Dual USB Output - Stay Charged All Day

Many USB battery power banks don't store enough energy to rely on for extended periods of time. This Verbatim power bank stores 37Wh of energy which is enough to charge modern smartphones fully several times over and even fully recharge tablets. Below is a selection of popular devices...

Vendor: Reduction Revolution
Type: Appliances
Price: 149.95

Our popular foot mat heater from a few years ago is back, and this time it's made in Germany! It's ideal for use either at home or at the office.

A heated mat that costs just $10 per year to operate

The foot warmer mat heater will heat you more effectively and with over 90% less energy than other electric heaters on the market.

The foot mat heater delivers a pleasant radiant warmth from directly below where you are sitting.

It's super cheap to operate. Your heating costs will be just $10 per year per heater (when used for 4 hours per day, every day, for 4 months!).

TIP: Consider using the Foot Mat Heater in conjunction with the EcoSwitch. That way you can easily switch the heater on and off at desk level.

The problem with other electric heaters

Electric heaters used in most homes and offices in Australia are inefficient energy guzzlers. In fact, heating is one of the key drivers of high electricity bills.

Electric heaters typically consume between 1,000 and 2,400 watts and fail to direct heat where it is needed most.

Other electric heaters such as those pictured are cheap...

Vendor: Sunbeam
Type: Heating
Price: 84.95

Premium Cosy Sherpa Fleece Heated Throw Rug

This Sunbeam heated throw will keep you oh so warm this winter. This comfortable direct heating method keeps you properly warm, without the massive running costs of conventional heaters.

  • Cost Effective - Using just 150 watts of power, this throw rug will keep you warm and cosy without the accompanying high power usage.
  • 6 Heat Settings with Fast Heat Up - Choose from 6 heat settings with your throw blanket warm and ready within 10 minutes.
  • Quality & Safety Guaranteed - The heated throw includes Sunbeam's 9 levels of safety protection, auto off after 3 hours, and premium quality components.
  • Easy Storage - Price includes a zipped storage bag.

Specifications - Sunbeam Heated Throw Rug / Blanket

Power Consumption 150 Watts
Voltage 220-240V AC
Components Power cord, controller with indicator lights, and throw rug
Power Plug Australia / New Zealand plug
Colour Warm grey
220g/m² plush sherpa fleece, 100% polyester
Dimensions 120cm x 160cm
Weight Approx 2kg (packaged)
Installation Self install / portable product

Vendor: Reduction Revolution
Type: Appliances
Price: 3.95

A simple fix to curb water & energy wastage

These tap aerators are a simple insert for your existing tap fixtures. They will reduce basin water usage (and associated hot water costs) by up to 70%.

  • Restricts the flow of water from your tap without reducing water pressure.
  • Comes with a replacement washer.
  • Fits any regular 'M22' or 'M24' aerator housing (22 to 24mm diameter).
  • Use our tap aerator spanner tool if required.

Choose your tap aerator flow-rate

Use the drop-down menu to choose from 2, 4, 6 or 9 litres per minute. For reference, regular taps are generally over 9 litres per minute, so whichever option you choose you'll be making savings!

  • 2 litres per minute - for public bathrooms or where maximum water savings are desired.
  • 4 litres per minute - suitable for household bathrooms.
  • 6 litres per minute - for kitchens and laundries (lower flow rate).
  • 9 litres per minute - for kitchens and laundries (higher flow rate).

Tap Aerator Installation

Installation of your new water efficient tap aerator is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the existing aerator housing and...

Vendor: EcoSwitch
Type: Appliances
Price: 17.95

Cut standby power to zero with the flick of a switch

The EcoSwitch cuts the standby power usage of an appliance (or set of appliances on a power board) to zero with the simple flick of a switch. Now available in white or black (see drop-down menu above).

How much could you be saving?

Did you know? Standby power is responsible for about 10% of household electricity bills (link).

Here are some ways you can use the EcoSwitch standby power controller to reduce your standby power consumption and bills:

  • Switch off your computer, monitor and router when they’re not being used. Save 20 watts – about $30 per year.
  • Turn off your Foxtel pay television ‘box’ when you’re not watching TV. Save 30 watts –  about $50 per year.
  • Switch off your sound system’s sub woofer. Save 10 watts – about $15 per year.

If you are not sure where to start, use a plug-in power meter to identify your energy guzzlers.

Easily access your power outlets

You won’t need to crawl under furniture or fumble around amongst cords to save energy anymore… The EcoSwitch standby power controller enables you to move your power point...

Vendor: LotusGrill
Type: Appliances
Price: 19.95

The ethanol safety fuel gel helps get your LotusGrill started quickly and easily.

To use, squeeze a 1cm wide circle of lighter gel on the ignition plate, and place the plate into the inner bowl of the LotusGrill. Turn on the fan to maximum, then light the gel with a match or lighter. You should see a faint blue flame with no smoke. Place the filled charcoal canister on top. Within minutes, the charcoal will be glowing hot. 

  • For use with LotusGrill's high quality lump charcoal
  • Ethanol based, odourless
  • Volume - 200ml
  • Packaged Dimensions - 55mm x 45mm x 130mm

Safely Warning: DO NOT use spirits, petrol, or other equivalent liquid to ignite or reactivate the fire.

Vendor: Sunbeam
Type: Heating
Price: 74.95

This new addition to our line up of energy savers is a cosy 'faux fur' heated cushion.

This heated cushion provides direct heat to the body without being an eyesore or obstacle in the room. And unlike other energy guzzling electric heaters, it only uses 25 watts of power.

It's machine washable, has three temperature settings and automatically turns itself off after 90 mins (just in case you fall asleep hugging it). 

Prepare to fight with family members over this cosy cushion. Maybe you'll need a couple of them!

Specifications - Sunbeam Heated Cushion

Power Consumption 25 Watts (Average power draw)
120 Watts (Peak power draw during heat up)
Voltage 220-240V AC
Components Power cord, controller with indicator lights, and heated cushion
Power Plug Australia / New Zealand plug
Colour White power cord, grey cushion
Material Faux Fur, 100% polyester
Dimensions Power cord = 150cm
Cushion = Approx 45cm x 38cm
Weight 1kg
Installation Self install / portable product
Product Identifiers 9311445020159 (Barcode), TR8100 (Sunbeam Part Number)
Safety Notes & Features - Designed for indoor use
- Not to be...

Vendor: Sunbeam
Type: Heating
Price: 54.95

Heat Pad / Foot Warmer / Heated Seat

The Sunbeam Heat Pad has several features that make it a safe, versatile, and highly energy efficient heating product. These include:

  • Adjustable temperature setting.
  • Auto switch off after 3 hours.
  • It’s machine washable.

The Sunbeam Heat Pad was originally designed and marketed as a therapeutic device (like an electric version of a wheat pack or heat wrap). But anyone can still benefit from the direct warmth it provides.

You can tuck your feet into the sleeve, or even sit on it for your very own heated seat! Whether at home in front of the TV or at work, you can say goodbye to cold chills.

Please Note: whilst you can certainly use this heat pad to take the chill off your feet (with or without shoes on), it is not as hot as our old 'foot mat heater' product. On the plus side, unlike the old foot mat heater, you can use this device as a heated seat and in other ways to keep toasty warm! See also our heated cushion and heated throw rug.

A heat pad that costs just $5 per year to operate

The Sunbeam Heat Pad will often heat you more effectively and with over...

Vendor: Future Wave
Type: Appliances
Price: 579.00

The Future Wave can be used with existing pool or spa pumps to drastically reduce energy consumption.

  • No plumbing or wiring required - just plug it in (details below).
  • Energy savings up to 80%.
  • Reduces noise and improves filtration.
  • Suits domestic pool pumps up to 2.2kW in size
  • Larger commercial units are also available - contact us for details.

Future Wave Typical Savings = $400+ per year

Actual savings will depend on three things:

  1. How long your pool pump is on for each day
  2. Amount of power saved
  3. What you pay for electricity


A 1.5 horsepower (1,100W) pool pump can easily be pared back to about 400W without drastically affecting circulation rates.

If it is used for 8 hours per day with the Future Wave, the savings will be $613.20 per year (based on $0.30 per kWh). 

Future Wave Installation Guide

Simply unplug your pump from the chlorinator or wall socket and plug it into the Future Wave unit as per below. There is no wiring or plumbing required. 


How It Works - Variable Frequency Drive

The Future Wave is a type of Variable Frequency Drive or 'VFD' that has been optimised...

Vendor: Reduction Revolution
Type: Appliances
Price: 9.95

This tap aerator tool will help you to easily install our range of water saving tap aerator inserts.

Scratch-free Installation

The main benefit of using this tool over a regular spanner is that it allows for scratch and damage free installation as it is made out of plastic.

The tool is designed to fit all regular sized faucets (M22, M24 and M28).

Just follow these steps to complete the installation:

  1. Unscrew the existing aerator housing and remove your existing aerator (and washers).
  2. Assemble your new aerator by placing the insert and new washer (included) into the housing.
  3. Clean the thread on your tap.
  4. Screw your new aerator on and hand-tighten.

    Vendor: Billyboil
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 79.95

    Start cooking for free with retained heat

    The Billyboil Thermal Cooker cooks your food using retained heat, for up to 8 hours.

    There is no energy requirement after the initial heat-up phase on your existing stove top. This means you can save up to 80% of your cooking energy usage!

    The Billyboil Thermal Cooker has an internal capacity of 3.5 litres which is enough to cook for up to six people. It is made up of a stainless steel inner pot (roughly 20cm wide and 14cm high) and an insulated outer pot with carry handle.

    A slow cooker, without the energy consumption

    Slow cookers are great because:

    • They lessen the chance of food burning or boiling-over,
    • They allow for better distribution of flavours,
    • They can save time with 'one pot' cooking.

    BUT regular slow cookers still need a continuous supply of energy, just like regular stove-top cooking.

    If you enjoy the benefits of a slow cooker but want a simple, yet highly energy efficient cooking solution, then the Billyboil Thermal Cooker is for you.

    Here's how the Thermal Cooker works:

    Step 1 - Use the stainless steel pot just like you would...

    Vendor: HeaterMate
    Type: Heating
    Price: 38.95

    Accurately control room temperature & save energy

    The majority of electric heaters and many window air-conditioners lack the ability to correctly sense and control the actual room temperature.

    Unlike heater or air-conditioners thermostats, the HeaterMate measures the actual room temperature and precisely controls it by turning the appliance ON and OFF at the powerpoint.

    Here's how the HeaterMate works:

    It is now well known that every 1˚C of unnecessary heating adds around 10% to your heating bills. The reverse is true for cooling. In our experience electric heating is a primary driver of high electricity bills.

    HeaterMate Features

    • Simultaneously displays current room temperature and set temperature.
    • Digital thermometer function in stand-by.
    • Back-up battery allows setting it out of mains socket and stores set point.
    • Easy room temperature setting by pressing UP and DOWN buttons.
    • Can be used to control heater in winter and air-conditioner or fans in summer
    • Colour LED status indicator: Red = Controlled Unit is OFF. Green = Controlled Unit is ON

    Specifications - HeaterMate


    Vendor: Reduction Revolution
    Type: Heating
    Price: 899.00 - 1499.00 (2 variants)

    Zero running cost solar air heater

    This Solar Air Heater is an automated solar heating system. It warms your home with no mains power and zero running costs.

    The solar collector can be roof or wall mounted for optimal performance in winter. The circulation fan is powered by an in-built solar photovoltaic panel, so no mains power is needed to operate the unit. It's 100% solar powered.

    How do they work?

    Cross section view of solar air heater 

    Solar Air Heater Features

    Multiple air-flow design - This is not just a simple flat plate collector: fresh outside air makes three passes through the collector before entering the room (see diagram above).

    Air flow control - Air can be brought in from outside, or re-circulated from inside to maximise the temperature gain.

    Self-powered - The inbuilt solar PV panel is sized to drive the in-built energy efficient circulation fans.

    Thermostat control - The unit comes with basic wiring and a thermostat which can be used to control indoor air temperature if desired. You can also leave it out if you prefer a simple set-up.

    Summer mode - In summer,...

    Vendor: Watts Clever
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 69.95

    High Output Solar Charger for your Phone, Tablet, and Gadgets

    The Watts Clever USB solar charger makes it easy to quickly charge your portable devices wherever the sun shines. With substantial power output and the capability to quickly charge two USB devices at once, you'll save energy while keeping your important devices fully charged. It features:

    • 18 watt high efficiency solar panels made in the USA.
    • Two USB outputs - simultaneously charge two devices.
    • Each USB port has a maximum output of 2.4A / 12W for fast charging (15W maximum charge capacity across both ports).
    • Folds up for transport and storage with a magnetic clasp to hold it closed.

    The list of devices which can be charged by the Watts Clever USB solar charger is broad:

    • Smartphones (all types),
    • Battery power banks,
    • iPads & tablets,
    • GPS navigation,
    • Action cameras, and much more.

    High Output USB Solar Powered Charger

    A Portable Solar Charger That Actually Works

    Most portable USB solar chargers on the market simply to not deliver enough power to charge your devices. For example, many solar chargers are about the size of you phone case, but they're unable to...

    Vendor: Digitech
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 7.95

    This 24 hour mechanical mains timer switch allows for quick and easy automation of electrical appliances.

    Use A Timer Switch to Save Energy

    Here are some applications where you can use this 24 hour mains timer switch to save energy:

    • Switch off your modem/router and other computer peripherals overnight.
    • Switch off office equipment like printers, copiers and coffee machines so they're only on when needed.
    • Place office water coolers or household drinks fridges on a timer switch to reduce their operating time.
    • Place a heated towel rail on a 24 hour timer to only operate for a few hours per day (rather than 24/7).
    • Use it on other appliances such as heaters, aquariums and exhaust fans.

    You can also use this mains timer switch for a range of other indoor automation or security purposes. For example, you can switch an LED light bulb on and off at certain times of the day to make your home look occupied.

    How to Use the Timer Switch

    1. Select mode - Either 'always on' (override) or 'timer' mode using the toggle switch on the side of the timer. The override setting allows you to operate the device...

    Vendor: Efergy
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 39.95

    The Efergy Remote Controlled Socket Set allows you to wirelessly control your appliances from a convenient remote control unit.

    • Control - Switch individual appliances on or off or switch a group together.
    • Wireless - Each remote can switch up to four power points even in hard to reach locations.
    • Save - Easily switch any appliances off when not in use to reduce standby power consumption.

    How the Efergy Remote Controlled Electrical Sockets Work

    The kit comes with 4 remote controlled sockets and is easy to set up. By allowing you to turn appliances off with the touch of a button, it helps you save electricity, time, and money. Keep the remote control in a convenient place, or stick it to the wall next to a light switch, so you will remember to use it and maximise your energy savings.

    Here are a few example applications:

    • Keep your TV and entertainment centre completely switched off when not in use.
    • Switch off your internet modem & WiFi router as you leave the house.
    • Turn off the office water cooler at nights and over the weekend.
    • Control bedside lamps or any device with a hard-to-reach power...

    Vendor: LotusGrill
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 34.95

    This high quality beech "lump" charcoal is designed especially for the LotusGrill.

    It lights up faster, burns hotter, and creates less smoke than inferior barbecue fuels. It’s also more responsive to oxygen, making it easier to control the fire's temperature with the LotusGrill’s fan control dial.

    The charcoal pieces are the perfect size fit for the LotusGrill charcoal canister, which is much smaller and efficient than a 'regular' charcoal BBQ.

    • Light it using the ethanol safety fuel gel.
    • Made from high quality Beech hardwood.
    • Ignites faster, burns hotter and cleaner.
    • Less smoke with no chemical additives.
    • CO2 Neutral.
    • 2.5 kg provides enough fuel for 15 cook-ups.
    • Charcoal pieces are the perfect size for the LotusGrill but can be used with other brands of charcoal BBQs.
    • Packaged Weight - 2.7kg
    • Packaged Dimensions - 150mm x 290mm x 370mm

    Dispose of used charcoal in non-combustible or metal containers only. Do not dispose of in plastic or flammable containers.

    Please Note: Regular charcoal briquettes or heat beads are not recommended for use with the LotusGrill. They burn too slowly and...

    Vendor: LotusGrill
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 99.95

    Turn your LotusGrill BBQ into a mini oven with the LotusGrill Hood.

    Perfect for when you want to do some roasting (or even baking) with the LotusGrill. Turn the fan speed down to low and cook slowly for amazing charcoal roasted flavour.

    Observe food through the transparent strengthened security glass top and keep an eye on the temperature with the integrated thermometer. The hood's adjustable ventilation slots give you even more control over cooking temperature.

    • Fits standard size LotusGrill.
    • Packaged Weight - 3.9kg
    • Packaged Dimensions - 260mm x 380mm x 380mm

    See Also: LotusGrill Glass Lid. The glass lid on the top of this "Hood" is physically smaller than the regular glass lid.

    Vendor: LotusGrill
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 129.95

    The LotusGrill Glass Lid enables better heat retention, shields food from the wind, and helps to achieve an even cooking temperature.

    Observe food through the transparent strengthened security glass and keep an eye on the temperature with integrated thermometer.

    It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    • Fits standard size LotusGrill.
    • Packaged Weight - 1.9kg
    • Packaged Dimensions - 150mm x 370mm x 370mm

    See Also: LotusGrill Hood.

    Vendor: LotusGrill
    Type: Appliances
    Price: 234.50

    The LotusGrill starter pack contains everything you need to get grilling, including:

    • Lotus Grill Portable Charcoal BBQ.
    • Carry Bag, 4 x AA Batteries, and instruction manual.
    • 1kg bag of high quality, carbon neutral, beech wood lump charcoal - enough for about 6 BBQs.
    • 200ml ethanol gel - used to light the charcoal.
    • BONUS - Reusable FoodLoops (for roasting).

    Recommended (Optional) Extras:

    • Extra 2.5kg bag of charcoal & extra starter gel - enough for about 15 more BBQs.
    • Glass lid with thermometer - for extra heat retention!
    • Hood with thermometer - for slow roasting & baking larger dishes.

    The Most Efficient Charcoal BBQ

    The LotusGrill uses a maximum of just 250 grams of charcoal. Given its efficient design, this is more than enough for a few batches of food cooked over about 45 minutes. We’ve managed to cook steaks, vegetable skewers, and sausages, all in the one session. The charcoal canister can also be topped up, so you can keep cooking for longer, if needed.

    LotusGrill Charcoal BBQ Steaks

    The LotusGrill fits about four decent sized steaks on its 32cm diameter grill. If you're cooking for a big group, you can...