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General Specifications and Product Categories

Technical Data:

  • Rated Voltage: 415 VAC, 3 Phase, 4 Wire, 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum rated current (Main busbars):
    PCCs: 4000 Amps
    MCCs: 3000 Amps
  • Short Circuit Withstand Capacity: for Main Busbars, Vertical droppers and Busbar supports: Can be provided for upto 50 kA RMS, 105 kA peak for one sec as per customer specification
  • Ambient temperature: Upto 40 (Standard), 45 or 50 deg C (Optional)
  • Degree of protection: Standard IP 52. Optional – IP54 or IP 55
  • Dimensions: Can be provided as per customer specifications / requirements

Pretreatment And Painting / Powder Coating:

  • Complete seven tank pretreatment process which includes de-greasing, de-rusting, de-phosphatizing and passivation
  • Stove enamelling / Powder coating / Oven baking to specific shades as per customer requirement

Control Desks:

  • Designed to customer specifications
  • Accurate layouts and precision cutouts for switchgear, control gear and instruments
  • Active / Passive MIMIC panel option available
  • Front and rear access for ease of wiring and maintenance
  • Hinged panels on horizontal sections

Power Control Centers (PCCs):

  • Modular construction incorporating ACBs, MCCBs, SFU etc
  • Breakers provided with easily adjustable and integral solid state protective device to achieve complete discrimination
  • Bus bars (including neutral and earth busbars) with fault withstand capacities as per customer requirements can be provided
  • Bus bars made out of Aluminum or copper with adequate cross section provided to ensure optimal performance and low operating temperature
  • Panels provided with adequate depth for easy termination of cables with rear access
  • Easy extension of switchboards at site to cater to increasing loads

Busbars And Supports:

  • Busbars covered with heat shrinkable PVC sleeves
  • Fibreglass reinforced Polyester (SMC) insulators for high impact and tensile strength, high tracking index and high temperature and fire withstand capability
  • Removable top and front covers for bus-bar chambers for easy accessibility of main busbars

DRAW-OUT MCCs: (Special Features):

  • Distinct positions of draw-out modules for Service, Test and Isolated positions
  • Bolted arrangements of modules
  • Fully inter-changeable draw-out modules
  • Fully enclosed dropper system with cutouts for plug-in contacts
  • Safety shutters to shroud droppers when trolleys are drawn out
  • Single-front or double front arrangement with independent droppers for front and rear panel
  • Telescopic rails with steel balls to ensure perfect alignment of plug-in contacts
  • Trolleys can be tilted upside down in isolated position for maintenance purposes
  • Silver plated copper contacts for power plug-in terminals, completely enclosed in FRP enclosure
  • Sliding type silver-plated copper / brass control terminals
  • Screw type withdrawal and plug-in arrangement
  • Instrument plates in swing-out design for mounting feeder instruments, push-buttons, indicating lamps, overload, reset push-buttons etc
  • Positive earthing through scraping arrangement on the draw-out modules and separate vertical earth bus for each section