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The heart of the ElectromiZerâ„¢ has a series reactance torroidal coil made from high quality imported CRGO steel & copper used for 'Voltage Optimization', a term referring to energysaving technique of regulating the supply voltage to a site or device in turn increasing the efficiency considerably without altering the light output by a significant margin.

When introduced in a lighting circuit, it helps reduce the power consumption in DISCHARGE LIGHTING DEVICES like Mercury Vapor Lamps, Sodium Vapor Lamps and Fluorescent Tube Lights. It basically is a device which applies a reduced voltage to discharge lighting devices which results in a lower current flow through these.

Generally the ELECTROMIZER is supplied to the end user in the form of a panel complete with standard switchgear items like Switch Fuse Units for input side, Ammeter with ASS, Voltmeter with VSS, LEDs for phase indication, Tap selector switch, By-pass Switch and any other switchgear - speciallyrequired by the customer - like MCB, MCCB, SFU at output, Automatic tap selection feature, KWH meter (analogue or electronic type), timer, ventilation fan/s etc. The panel is made out of 14 /16 gauge CRCA sheets duly powder coated for long life and corrosion resistance.

For street lighting applications, ELECTROMIZER panels are equipped with Almanac timers for automatic operation, intelligent load monitoring with MFMs / load manager and effective communication via GSM or other protocols for centralized monitoring and control.

The workmanship is of the highest quality with all internal cabling done to meet or exceed accepted standards in terms of bunching, glanding, lugging, ferruling, channeling, insulating and bolting / termination. Similarly, only the best brands of switchgear / cables like L & T, Siemens, GE-Alstom, Asian, Switchon, Polycab, Finolex, Automatic Electric, Meco, Enercon, etc. are used after paying special attention to safety standards.